Tell Me More Review

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TopTenREVIEWS Gold Award winning Tell Me More, powered by Auralog is currently the most comprehensive and most advanced program for learning Italian online. They provide classroom quality instruction in the privacy of your home or office.

Tell Me More ranks so highly because it covers all the skills required to learn Italian; speaking and listening, reading and writing, grammar, vocabulary and culture. Unlike other Italian courses, their language exercises revolve around real, authentic Italian culture. They also provide an interactive way to learn Italian online with dialogues and speech recognition along with a cutting edge application.

Tell Me More allows you to choose from ten distinct levels of content, from total beginner to expert. Their learn Italian online e-program is further enhanced with personal coaching services to ensure ultimate success. They provide hosted online solutions, installed solutions, instructor solutions and professional services. In short, this is certainly the most comprehensive and extensive Italian language online teaching tool on the market, with over 1500 hours of learning.

Tell Me More, was the first multimedia publisher in the world to apply speech-recognition technology to foreign-language learning. Over the years, Auralog has established itself as a global leader through its innovative Tell Me More language learning solutions. They have over 7 million satisfied users worldwide and their language programs have been adopted by over 10,000 Academic Institutions, and prestigious clients such as the US Government, FBI, Toyota and many more.

Standout Features

  • 1,500 hours of Italian learning and ten distinctive levels
  • 10,000 exercises - Covers all the skills to learn Italian
  • The most powerful speech recognition technology on the market
  • 10 hours of video and cultural videos
  • A 24/7 online adviser
  • iPod enthusiasts can extract individual dialogues which transfer to their MP3 players

Teaching Tools

Tell Me More is the most complete language learning program currently available to homeschool educators. It has 10 levels of learning in one program with 40 types of activities, thousands of exercises and built in tests. You can also create multiple sets of accounts as well.

The books and course materials offer stories, a newsletter and other information that pushes information out to you and enabling you to becoming fluent in Italian. It has stories that allow you to watch a video that uses everyday language in context, thereby helping a student acquire Italian more naturally. Many students also feel that watching a video containing a story or a plot and highlights cultural information is very enjoyable. Tell Me More incidentally also has a module that allows you to role-play as a character in a TV show or movie. The audio and video modules make it easier for the newcomer to learn Italian.

It’s important to be able to have access to an audio facility so as to hear and be heard as well. Their audio interaction program helps you perfect your pronunciation. Their voice recognition is very effective and it is based on SETS technology (Spoken Error Tracking System), which automatically points out your pronunciation errors. Along with the application, they also provide dictionaries, guides and manuals and iPod and MP3 format capability. Another great feature for iPod enthusiasts is that they will appreciate being able to extract individual dialogues and spoken exercises for transfer to their MP3 players without downloading additional podcasts.


The immersion method of Tell Me More is grounded in years of academic research and is aligned for ease of use. The Learn Italian Course from Tell Me More teaches the fundamentals of Italian including reading, writing, comprehension, vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar and cultural aspects of Italian speaking countries. The program mainly focuses on educating and developing those particular skills needed to succeed in a language, including: vocabulary and grammar, listening comprehension, oral expression, written expression and cultural understanding.

Course Levels
This course first determines what your Italian learning level is. Unlike some sites, which offer courses for only learners or travelers to Italy, Tell Me More offers you a placement test of some sort so you know whether you’re beginning, intermediate, or advanced.

Tell Me More intertwines the fundamentals of Italian to create a strong teaching system.

One of the interesting aspects of the program is that it associates listening to reading and writing. For example, you first listen to a word, recognize it and then later write it. The application has an extensive range of grammar practices with references and explanations in the reference tools section. In short, the application employs a large number of teaching methods to cater to different styles. With some effort on your part, you can easily learn the Italian language.


Auralog employs close to 300 professionals representing over 20-odd nationalities in order to provide native language support. Auralog also has over 80 in-house experts dedicated to pushing the boundaries of language learning. With Tell Me More, you get access to interactive tutoring. This provides a great platform to effectively practice the fundamentals.

As the Learn Italian Online Course is online, you can study in the middle of the night, early in the morning or while on vacation. You set your schedule for going online and studying.

You also get one-on-one instruction. Instead of sharing your teacher with thirty other students, you get someone who can give you individual attention and can answer the questions you put forward. The instruction is at your own pace and you don’t need to worry about your instructor’s schedule and availability. Learning Italian Online enables you to start at the appropriate place, regardless of the abilities of other students.

Technical Support

Auralog, the manufacturer of Tell Me More, provides adequate help and support to their customers. If you have any queries, help is available at customer service through phone or email.

Help is also readily accessible within this program. You’ll find the help button on every page and in addition there are tutorials and instructions. Help and support are also available through FAQs pages and knowledge bases. They also have a user’s guide and installation instructions to guide you through the setup process.

There is an online advisor which can be more useful than email or phone support because it's easier to contact someone. The 24/7 Online Adviser is there to assist you with free online chat, whenever you have a question or when you run into a problem with the program.


On the whole, you will be able to learn some authentic and standard Italian and be exposed to a whole lot of regional accents and their differences in pronunciation. Last but not least, you will also learn about the local culture. Whether you are already familiar with Italian or you are starting from scratch, Tell Me More is definitely the most advanced online Italian language training program available in the market today and offers relevant and engaging lessons for learning Italian online.