Top 10 Italian Songs Of All Time Review

It is well known that Italy plays a leading role in the global musical panorama, and not just in Italian movies or restaurants. Did you know that listening to Italian music can actually help you learn Italian?

It is interesting to note that in about 3 minutes, a good song could turn your day around and make your day a happy one. Whether you are listening to the radio in the car, or perhaps even in the shower, a melodious song can deeply touch the heart of the listener. Then there are certain songs that are so memorable it's impossible to get them out of your head and out of your heart. 

It wasn't easy to create such a list because every person has his own opinion, but after a slow process of elimination and selection, we have created for you a list of the Top Ten Italian Songs Of All Times. We hope you will like this list: 

1) Lucio Dalla – Caruso 
2) Adriano Celentano – Azzurro
3) Umberto Tozzi - Ti Amo
4) Emilio Pericoli - Al di la
5) Jula de Palma – Tua
6) Gigliola Cinquetti - Non ho L’Eta
7) Claudio Villa - O Sole Mio
8) Claudio Baglioni - Questo piccolo grande amore
9) Vasco Rossi – Albachiara
10) Giuseppe Verdi - La Forza del Destino

But like we said, it was hard to narrow it down to ten. So we've actually included another 35 pieces to the list (make that Top 45 Italian Songs).

11) Domenico Modugno - Nel blu dipinto di blu
12) Andrea Bocelli - Con te Partiro
13) Marcella Bella – Montagne Verdi
14) Vasco Rossi - Vita spericolata
15) Uomini Soli - Pooh
16) Lucio Dalla - 4 Marzo 1943
17) Lucio Battisti - Emozioni
18) Umberto Tozzi - Gloria
19) Claudio Baglioni - Strada facendo
20) Ennio Morricone - Gabriel’s Oboe
21) Casabella - Che cos’e l’amore
22) Andrea Bocelli - Canto della Terra
23) Carmen Consoli - L’eccezione
24) Giorgia Fumanti - Ave Maria
25) Domenico Modugno - Volare
26) Lara Fabian - Caruso
27) Elisa Ligabue - Gli ostacoli del cuore
28) Guido Renzi - Tanto Cara
29) Cláudio Baglioni - Fratello sole sorella luna
30) Claudio Villa - Ti Voglio Tanto Bene
31) Lucio Battisti - La canzone del sole
32) Pino Donaggio - Io Che Non Vivo Senza Te
33) Sergio Endrigo - Canzone Per Te
34) Nico Fidenco - Legata a un granello di sabbia
35) Peppino Di Capri - Champagne
36) I Santo Califórnia - Dolce Amore Mio
37) I Santo Califórnia - Tornero
38) Umberto Tozzi & Raf - Gente Di Mare
39) Mina - Se Telefonando
40) Raf - L’infinito
41) Laura Pausini - La Solitudine
42) Marcella Bella - Montagne Verdi
43) Eduardo De Crescenzo - Ancora
44) Eros Ramazzotti - Una Storia Importante
45) Ivana Spagna – E Che Mai Sarà

Of course there is a chance that you may not entirely agree with the above list, as the list has been categorized from popular choice and the time it stayed on the charts. But, no matter what, the selection here is subjective and some of these songs are recognized classics. In other words, this just happens to be popular opinion. Now if you happen to be a teenager, there is a high probability that you would have never heard about most of these songs and in all likelihood may not like them. Whether you're interested in Italian music for pleasure, culture, or education, listen to them at least once, as they are definitely worth your while.

Choosing only 10 songs out of such a huge musical heritage is practically impossible. We hope you enjoyed the list, but if your favorite Italian song didn't make the list, just let us know in the comments.

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